Nourish Naturally™

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Carnivorous in nature, dogs and cats should be fed a diet rich in meat in order to thrive like their ancestors did before them.
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Whats in the name - Nourish Naturally™

Nourish Naturally™ is our ethos and every product we make is guided by this. Every product is rich in protein & meat to support dogs and cats natural evolutionary digestive capabilities providing them nutrients their body can thrive off of allowing them to reach their potential. Only sustainably sourced fresh whole ingredients are allowed in Ubite products with absoloutly no powders or dried products. To be true to their needs all of our products are 100% grain free with absolutly NO corn, wheat or soy.

Rich in Meat & Protein
Fresh Whole Ingredients
100% Grain Free

What is Freeze-drying?

100% Natural
No preservatives

Freeze drying is a natural form of food preservation. The sublimation process removes almost all the water which is a catalyst for bacteria growth.

Removing the water acts as a natural preservative and most importantly does not alter the bio-availability of the meat, leaving its nutrients, aroma, shape and color, in its natural state while removing any potential health risks, providing a safe, healthy and nutritious treat.