Who we are

Our Mission

Our deepest purpose is to support the nourishment, education and bond between people and pets by enriching their lives with whole ingredients fit for dogs and cats evolutionary digestive capabilities
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Providing care for pets has always been a passion of ours as we admire the love and loyalty they inspire within us. We treat our pets like family because to us they are family.

With the range of pet treats on the market today, it can be a challenge to select the one that is right for your pet, while not always understanding the health implications of the ingredients they contain or the processes they have undergone. We want the best for our furry family members we cherish so much that our vision is to see freeze-dry foods and treats to be the new standard in dry dog and cat food.


At Ubite we have an ongoing commitment to your pet’s health and safety. We are proud to own and operate our own facility and have been awarded an array of high-ranking certifications.

We use a strict hold and test policy on all of our treats, to ensure every batch meets not only our strictest quality guidelines, but yours and your pets as well.  This means that for every batch that is made we use a third party lab to ensure the integrity of the product before it is ever released from our facility.

We are certified under HACCP, SQF Lv.3 & AQSIQ

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